4. waltdisneyconfessions:

    "Confession: I’ve never related to a Disney character. Ever. Then Elsa came along. I loved her a lot. I hate it when people bash on her, calling her "weak" and "selfish.""


  6. avatarparallels:

    prayer circle that Honora doesn’t have any parental issues.



  7. I Think That There Should Be Another Troll On Zuko's Mother's Whereabouts In The Finale

    1. Korra: General Iroh, I've always been curious. What did happen to Zuko's mother?
    2. Iroh: Well, it's a spectacular tale, Korra. You see . . .
    3. * Airships Attack *
    4. Bolin: Seriously, what did happen to Fire Lady Ursa?
    5. Iroh: Well, it all started when . . .
    6. * Ninjas Appear Out Of Nowhere *
    7. Jinora: Daddy, are we going to visit Gran Gran?
    8. Tenzin: Aw, do you miss her?
    9. Jinora: Well yes, but I really want to know: What happened to Firelord Zuko's mother?
    10. Tenzin: Oh! Well, I can tell you that. I . . .
    11. Ikki: Daddy,wherearewegoing,whenarewegoingtogetthere,arewethereyet?
    12. Tenzin: In a minute, Ikki. First, I need to tell Jinora that . . .
    13. Meelo: Daddy, look! I'm a cloud-bender!
    14. Tenzin: Meelo, be careful! Now, Jinora . . .
    15. * Rohan starts crying, drowning out his words *
    16. Korra: Alright, General Iroh. The war's over. Amon's been defeated. Everything's right in the world. Now tell us, what happened to Lady Ursa?
    17. Iroh: Alright, I'll tell you. She . . .
    18. * Directed by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko *
  8. melon-lord-stuff:

    A young commander and his princess. I ship this more than I believe it is healthy.

  10. justjasper:


    Meet Pickles, aka “Catosaurus.” He was rescued in Boston and he’s over 3 feet long.

    here’s a vid of him with his owners! :3

    (via panda-capuccino)


  11. official-sokka:

    To be honest, I feel like Zuko’s daughter might be the only one without parental issues. Think about it, Zuko grew up without a mother and his father was a complete dick. (If Mai is the mother) Mai grew up feeling ignored, then eventually ended up raising Tom Tom. I’m sure they’d never want their daughter to feel that way. So I bet they wanted the best for their daughter and made sure they were A+ parents. IM REALLY HOPING THEY WEREN’T POOPOO PARENTS.


    1. Zuko: We need Toph Beifong to help stop the Red Lo--
    2. *ground starts to rumble*
    3. *rocks explode*
    4. *a huge hole opens up on the ground*
    5. *hundreds of badgermoles crawl out of the hole*
    6. *Toph emerges with all her glory*
    7. Zuko:
    8. Toph:
    9. Zuko:
    10. Toph:
    11. Zuko: Toph! It's good to---
    13. TRIP

  12. mistressmorphine:

    I expect that when they reveal how Zuko did as a parent, he turns out to be amazing and drinks tea out of his #1 dad mug

  13. WAIT A FREAKING MINUTE…. EARTH QUEEN?! HER DAD?! EARTH KING KUEI?! PET BEAR?!…..so….BOSCO?!?!?!?! nooo i like bosco
    i really really hope im wrong because LOOK AT THIS:

    (Source: fullmetalfairytail-anime-pro)

  14. gooseweasel: