1. I have Elsa’s blonde hair and big eyes but not her body – that would be anatomically impossible.

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    Anna is led to believe her parents went on that voyage in search of something that could help control Elsa’s powers, but she’s just not sold on it,” says Lail. “She’s determined to find out the truth about their mission. She dearly loves Kristoff but knows she can marry him next month or…

  5. The theme of Frozen is the power of love, and that’s been the theme of our series since Season 1.

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    2d frozen icons

  7. Your power will only grow.

    There is  b e a u t y  in it, but also great  d a n g e r.

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    ❝ Hi, I'm Olaf. And I like warm hugs! ❞

    ❝ I love you, Olaf!

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    Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel (the voices of Anna and Elsa) talking about how they can relate to Anna and Elsa respectively. 

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  11. The film and the series do seem perfect for a mash-up. Frozen is the story of Anna, an adorably daffy optimist, who goes on an epic trek to reconnect with her sister, Elsa, an emotionally distraught loner whose ability to create ice and snow has left the kingdom of Arendelle in a never-ending winter.

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    Reference sheets of Animal FROZEN.

    I got many questions, so I made it~!

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  15. Frozen joins Once Upon a Time. (x)

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