1. trying to make sense of the love, er, polygons that are in this goddamn show

    Mako likes Asami

    Asami likes Mako

    Masami happens

    but Korra likes Mako

    but Mako AT FIRST didn’t like Korra

    yet Mako acknowledges she is ‘great’

    so no Makorra…yet

    Bolin LOVES Korra

    but Korra friendzones Bolin at first

    Bolin and Korra hang out

    Borra is beginning to happen!

    but then Mako starts to like Korra

    Korra goes back liking Mako



    Mako abandons ship! saves Bolin!

    Korra either likes Mako or Bolin. it wasn’t made clear

    all 3 get friendzoned…

    but Masami prevails with Makorra and Borra lurking in the murky waters of shipdom

    so in the end it is safe to say that each of the Bros LIKE Korra, and Korra LIKES both of the bros. which ship will prevail, we cannot tell for certain unfortunately. Masami is in trouble, mainly because Mako IS ALSO INTERESTED in Korra fucking two timer you can’t just get your cake and eat it too make yourself fucking unnattached before moving in on korra you twat and i still haven’t forgiven you for what you did to Bolin.

    this is too much for me to take, but all i can say is: COME AT ME BRYKE! COME AT ME!


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